Thursday, May 21, 2015

I need your HELP, please!

As my post states...  I need your help.  I'm telling you my story so that you can help me get the word out and possibly increase my chances at winning my banks giveaway.  Help me by voting for my story which will not only help my kids and I but will allow me to follow my dream of helping those in my community through art.  So here's my story...

I'm a single mom with two beautiful children.  I am fortunate enough to get up every day and do work that I love and I feel passionate about.  Honestly, it's not work.  I am also fortunate enough to work for myself which allows me the freedom to have a flexible schedule and be with my kids as much as possible, something that is VERY important to me.  Since my partner and I separated, financially it has been beyond difficult.  I have had some great angels, that have assisted me in my journey and have blessed me with financial help along the way, which has lessened the financial burden.

Last week, I went into the bank in the hopes of trying to find financial assistance and to free up some of my money each month.  Currently, I have NO wriggle room and I am embarrassed to say there are times I am wondering how I am going to put gas in my car and food on my table.  I had heard about Truliant's $25,000.00 giveaway but really didn't pay too much attention to it.  If you know me personally, you know how much I believe in synchronicity and the power of those moments that keep us in the flow of our journey.  On this particular day, the universe could not have been any clearer.  In fact the message was so LOUD it was as if a neon sign was flashing at me telling me to enter.

On the morning I went to the bank, I had opened my email and saw a message about the giveaway.  Then while sitting in the bank lobby, another message ran over a sign.  Then as I sat with the member specialist reviewing my dreary finances and whether or not they could help me, she mentioned that I should enter!  I had heard or seen information about the giveaway numerous times within a 2 hour time period!!  Flashing sign?!?  Hammer hitting me over the head?

When the member specialist told me about the details of the giveaway and what I had to do to enter, my first reaction was NO...  I don't want people to know my story or my personal business.  Oh, NO, I have to share it for people to read, see, and vote on?  Shame immediately creeped into my being.  I had an overwhelming sense of embarrassment.  eeeeeeek!  NO I can't do this.  I sat and listened, all the while my head screaming this little two letter word.  I walked out of the bank thinking, okay I have time to think about it, since I had until June 1st to submit something.   I can process my feelings, get over the idea of sharing my personal business with the world, and think about my belief system.  You know, all those thoughts that say...  Am I worthy?  Can this really happen to me?  Do dreams, my dreams, really come true?  Can they come true?  I spent hours processing it and all the while, the universe is sending little messages to enter.  It seems that everywhere I looked there it was...  info about the giveaway.  Okay, okay I hear it!

It was a long process and I finally got to the place of feeling comfortable.  With joy in my heart and excitement at the possiblity, I went on line to look at the details.  What?!?!  The deadline is May 23rd not June 1st!!  On May 23rd all entries must be submitted and voted on by the public.  Voting closes midnight on the 23rd and the top finalists will then move to the next level for the bank to decide upon.  So I NEED YOUR HELP.  

Here is the information...  My bank is giving away $25,000.00!  All I had to do was submit a picture and caption, less than 300 characters, explaining how the bank could help me and what "my why" was.  Do you know how hard it is to come up with a statement that will tell people why you need the money in less than 300 characters?  Look how many characters I have already written explaining why I need your help!  LOL

Here are a few of my details... My WHY.  I've already shared I'm a single mom with 2 beautiful children.  Children that I would like to be able to assist without this constant struggle.  Beyond the daily struggle, I would like to be able to provide them with a little money for their future so hopefully they won't struggle like I have .  This money would bring financial security into my home without wondering where my next dollar is coming from for the basic essentials in life.  I could also pay off my car, which would free up quite a bit of money each month.  ($330.00)  So yeah...  debt reduction would be grand!

Beyond financial security, debt reduction, and planning for my kids future, this money would allow me to follow my dream of assisting individuals in the community through art, mainly women and children.  I want to provide a service that empowers women and children, assists with creative expression, and provides an outlet for life's struggles.  This money would allow me to pay for the start up business cost of being able to file to become an LLC, pay for the other business fees, and purchase supplies for my business.  

So today I ask for your help.  Please vote for my submission on the Truliant mywhy website  Share it, encourage others to vote for it, in order to help my kids and I.  How you ask?  Click on the stars, share the story via facebook, share it on instagram.  Remind people that they only have until the 23rd to vote.

Here's the truliant website:

Here's MYWHY:

Thank you SO MUCH for helping us.  Thank you for taking the time to read my story and to share it.  With a heart filled with gratitude, I appreciate the assistance you have given us.  

Dare to dream.  Follow your dream.  Be brave.  Believe in yourself.  You are worthy of abundant blessings and your dreams coming true.