Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Giver

This beautiful woman is the giver of my life.  Some people call her Dulce, which means sweet, I call her mom.  Sometimes I call her Mommy or Momma.  And for the record she is pretty sweet.  She is one of the most beautiful creatures I know and the fact that she's my mother, makes me one of the lucky ones.

Some children don't have the distinct honor of having a remarkable mother.  They have a woman who gave them life and that was it.  Not me.  She carried me and loved me from the moment she knew I was growing inside her belly.  Then when she gave birth to me, she loved and nurtured me...  and continues to do so.  She has guided me in this life and taught me to be the woman I am today.  I've learned so many remarkable things from her, too many to count.  I'll list a few, but seriously, what she has taught me I wouldn't have the space or time to write.

My mother and my teacher, these are a few of my greatest lessons she has given me.  When the seas are raging she taught me to stand strong and brave the storm.  She taught me to always be true to myself, despite what others wanted.  She taught me to be feisty and fight for what I want.  She taught me that...  I am ENOUGH.  She taught me that true beauty lies within and to embrace it.  She taught me to DREAM and to reach for the stars, even if it seems impossible.  She taught me about community and the importance of giving back to it.  She taught me to love others and to be thoughtful to their needs.  She taught me what unconditional, selfless love is.  She has taught me what true unconditional acceptance is.  She has taught me what it's like to have a beautiful, loving, and caring mother, and layed the foundation so I could be the same with my children.  Honestly this is the greatest gift.

I've never met anyone that has loved me the way she has.  Her love knows no limits, is unconditional, always abundant, and always accepting.  I could be a serial killer and she'd still love and support me.  Thankfully I'm not, so she doesn't have to test her love.  ;)  She is a remarkable human being and when I think how blessed I am to have this woman in my life, who is my mother, my heart fills with love and joy.

Happy Birthday, Mom!  I love you so much and give thanks to this great universe for giving me such a wonderful mother.  May the year ahead give you the desires of your heart, good health, more time with us, and the peace you continue to seek.  (sorry my birthday message is a day late, I suppose for me it's on time.)  


Jamie Burch said...

Much love and many blessings to your wonderful mom! Thank you for sharing more about her and her beautiful spirit. :)

Toni Becker said...

:) much love dear heart... Thanks for reading my posts and your lovely comments.